Untuk tugas kali ini, berikut deskripsinya:

Buatlah sebuah “steganography” yang berisi pesan seperti diberikan di kelas. Untuk tugas yang ini, Anda diminta untuk menyamarkan pesannya.

Jangan beritahukan isi pesannya atau cara membacanya. Cara membaca akan ditautkan minggu depan.
Dan berikut teks yang berisikan pesan tersembunyi kali ini, meskipun dalam bahasa Inggris, pesannya tetap dalam bahasa Indonesia. Here it is:

Kara Kum, name of the mountain where she stand at currently. During the past two weeks, she has exploring all corners of the place. Falling from cliffs, stepped on a crumbling rock, almost caught in a snowstorm, he has endured everythimg that happened here. She is still trying to find something here. A treasure, plentiful ones, was said to be hidden in one part of the mountain. Sadly, her attempt so far is not looking good at all.

She has dug all over the ground which she is now standing for almost half a day. Her spirit doesn’t look decreasing, and she continues on. She keeps believing that her hard work will paid off, as her map said that the treasure is supposed to be buried here. She has dug at least 2 meters deep, when she suddenly hit something. She pray that this time she finally found something. She takes a glance at what she has hit, and she was terrifed. Lots of crystals, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and other gems were buried under there. Her inside shocks, knowing that she has found all of this. “So this is what grandfather has been hiding all along”, she said. She picks them up and then start making her way towards the mountain feet, while imagining how rich she will be.

Dan itulah pesannya. Buat yang tahu jawabannya, silahkan kontak via pm. Reply jawaban disini akan langsung dihapus 😀

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